SorbiForce Secures $340K from 537 Investors Across 38 Countries in Successful Republic Crowdfunding Campaign | Business Wire

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SorbiForce, a leading innovator in sustainable battery technology based in Arizona, has announced the successful closure of its crowdfunding campaign on Republic, raising an impressive $340,000 from 537 investors across 38 countries. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the company, reinforcing its commitment to revolutionizing the energy storage sector.

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming support and enthusiasm we’ve received from a global community of investors throughout our Republic crowdfunding campaign,” said Serhii Kaminskyi, Founder and CEO of SorbiForce. “This successful fundraising round not only validates the potential of our innovative technology but also underscores the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions. With this funding, we are well-positioned to accelerate our development efforts and bring our groundbreaking battery technology to market.”

The funds raised will enable SorbiForce to continue patenting and begin the certification process, optimize manufacturing processes, expand its expert team, and scale production. This capital infusion is a critical step towards commercializing its sustainable energy storage solutions, which will drive positive environmental impact and support a more sustainable future.

SorbiForce extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the investors, supporters, and contributors who participated in the Republic crowdfunding campaign and shared its vision for a cleaner, greener energy landscape. The company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower individuals and businesses to embrace sustainability while meeting their energy needs.

SorbiForce’s cutting-edge technology utilizes its own ultra-porous carbon, water, and salt to develop sustainable battery storage systems that address critical issues in the current energy landscape. By employing locally sourced raw materials that are abundant in most locations in the USA, SorbiForce is mitigating supply chain risks associated with traditional battery components. Additionally, its technology offers substantial safety benefits by eliminating the risks of fires and explosions, common in conventional batteries.

The batteries produced by SorbiForce are designed to be completely recyclable, reducing environmental impact and fostering a circular economy. They do not rely on fossil-based resources, instead utilizing agricultural by-products and brine from desalination plants, making them a truly sustainable alternative.

With over 5,000 charge-discharge cycles already achievable and goals to extend this to 10,000 in the near future, SorbiForce batteries are not only durable but are also cost-effective and offer rapid response capabilities, making them ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

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SorbiForce is a forward-thinking startup based in Arizona, dedicated to revolutionizing energy storage solutions through sustainable technology. Leveraging the power of carbon, water, and salt, SorbiForce is developing innovative battery technologies that are environmentally friendly, efficient, and scalable. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, SorbiForce aims to reshape the future of energy storage and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world.